Our mission

To reinstate the essential and eternal values of life which are fast waning among the new generation. It is alarming to note that their primary concern is for the value of physical wealth, prosperity and security. The emotion of patriotism has long faded from their minds, it is observed. Sporadic instances of looking back to the history of the country will definitely ignite the fire of love for the country.
About us in brief
The prime objective of the Pazhassi Trust is to introduce Pazhassi Raja, the first ever freedom fighter and his uncompromising patriotism to the new generation. Sensitivity to the heroic past of the veteran freedom fighters will deter the youth from being carried away by nihilist perspectives. A young and dynamic generation can be given shape to in the mould of the movement we have launched. Dr. Peeyush , Dr. Pramod and H.H. R.V. Raja are the Founder Trustee, Chairman and Secretary respectively.                                                                        more
What we do
With a view to revamping the society on a healthier line, we have on our agenda the projects of starting schools, colleges, hospitals, medical and engineering colleges in areas where such institutions do not exist, especially in the rural and tribal areas. We believe that these institutions, aimed at catering to the noble and classical requirements of the people, will certainly help ensure the dawn of a new and bright society that respects the sacred values of life.
News and Events

The erstwhile Pazhassi Anusmaran Samithi, held the initial function commemorating the heroic memories of Pazhassi Raja. This function was inaugurated by Com. V.S Achuthanandan. He was presented with the first ‘Dharma Ghadga’ award. The film wizard Hariharan was also honored on the occasion wherein he promised to create a classic film on the pioneer warrior king and the result was the amazing epic movie ‘KERALA VARMA PAZHASSI RAJA’. Subsequently the Trust carried out some envious programs like commemoration anniversaries, charitable activities and award distribution ceremonies in a glorious style.                                                             more