About us
Pazhassi Raja Charitable Trust was formed with the noble intention of remembering the great pioneer freedom fighter Veera Pazhassi Rajaand his uncompromising patriotism and of introducing him to the new generation. This, we hope will enlighten them of the chivalrous stories of the fight against the alien rule. This enables them to redeem them of the dangerous philosophy of terrorism and extremism which is the major threat to the integrity and unity of our nation. Dr. Peeyush .M. Nampoothiripad a young doctor, hailing from Meppayur, a remote village in Kozhikode , is the Founder Trustee and former Chairman of the Pazhassi Raja Charitable Trust. The missions envisioned are the outcome of this young doctor’s mastermind.

About the Chief Patrons :

keralavarmaH.H. Pazhassi Kerala Varma Raja (Chief Patron)
One of the chief patrons. Son of N.M Damodaran Namboothiri, now residing at Pazhassi Kovilakam, Pazhassi, Mattannur PO, Thalassery, Kannur District, is a bank manager by profession. He worked as a Manger of one of the leading Banks and gainedvast experience in banking business. He is the senior descendent of the Great Pazhassi Raja. He is involved in various socially sensitive projects.

ravivarma rajaH.H. Pazhassi Ravi Varma Raja (Chief Patron)
One of the chief patrons of the Trust, Ravi Varma Raja is the son of N.M. Damodaran Namboothiri, residing at Pazhassi Kovilakam, Pazhassi, Mattannur PO, Thalassery, Kannur District. He is a Professor of Commerce. Sri. Raja too hails from the family of the Great Pazhassi Raja. He is keenly interested in establishing educational institutions for the benefit of the socially challenged sections of the society.

peeyushDr. Peeyush M Nampoothiripad
(Founder Trustee, Former Chairman, the Master Brain, the Back Bone and Protagonist of the Trust)
Brahmasree Dr. Peeyush M Nampoothiripad son of late M.S. Nampoothiripad and late K.V. Savithri Antharjanam, is married to Dr. Manju Sadasivan and they are blessed with a son, Master Hrishikesh.M.Nampoothiripad. He hails from Meppayur, Koyilandy, Kozhikode.

He did his graduation from Calicut Medical College and Post Graduation from Mumbai. He did specialization course in Integral Medicine fromChina. He is a graduate in Law and Psychology, Public Administration and History. Right through his educational career from primary to PG level he has achieved envious attainments like the title ‘Kalaprathibha’ in competitions, be it literature, music or any other branch of art. He is a known orator, poet and writer. He is presently Superintendent, Taluk Head Quarters Hospital, Koyilandy, Kozhikode.

The Pazhassi Raja Charitable Trust can be certified as his brain child and the continuous growth of the movement and acceptance by thesociety are the vindication of his efficient managerial faculty and visionary nature. His extraordinary nature to aim at the stars instead of what he sees just in front of his nose is a quality that has helped him a lot in attaining goals others would rather envy.

Besides he is in charge of several responsibilities as mentioned below:

1. Chairman, Pazhassi Raja Educational Trust Kozhikode.
2. Chairman, Pazhassi Raja Foundation.
3. Chairman, Forum for Human Rights, Perambra.
4. President, Sree Krishna Nagar Residence Association.
5. Former Secretary, KGMOA.

pramodDr. Pramod Kumar.P.P  (Chairman , Active and dedicated man behind the trust)
Dr. Pramod Kumar hailing from Chombala, a pristine village of the archaic Kadathanaad area in Malabar, the celebrated center of martial arts was born in 1966 as son of Mr. P.P. Balakurup and Smt.K.P.Lakshmi. Presently he is residing at Anamika, Malaparamba, Kozhikode District, Kerala. He has been the Chairman of Pazhassi Raja Charitable Trust for the last 4 years .The Trust ,we are sure will be safe and secure in the robust and experienced hands of Dr.Pramod.

He graduated from Calicut Medical College and completed MD in Physical Medicine and DPMR at Calicut Medical College. Presently he is Assistant Surgeon ; Kerala He undertakes several socially sensitive and significant projects on his own besides on a collective basis representing various organizations.

An orator of public acclaim, Dr.Pramod has published a number of articles on medical subjects, literature and history .His thirst for research is unquenchable and he is neck deep involved in protecting the secular fabric of the society.

Besides he is heading a few organizations like

1. C.H. Haridas Foundation
2. Kidney Health Care Foundation
3. Pazhassi Raja Educational Trust
4. Physiatry Society of Kerala
5. Shooting Ball Association Of Kerala
6. Medical College Informatic Centre

 He is married to Ms.Jishna , a Civil Engineer.They are blessed with two children Aashray.J.Pramod and Laksh.J.Pramod.

praveenAdv. K. Praveen Kumar ( Treasurer Pazhassi Raja Educational Trust , Project Chairman - PazhassiRaja Universal Public School )

He is the son of K. Kesavan Nair. Presently Residing at Naduvathur, Keezhariyur, Koyilandy Kozhikode District. He is an Advocate by profession, also a political leader of a leading national party. He is engaged in various activities which are relevant in the society. He is well known in and around Kerala and having very good potential and efficiency to establish and to carry on the Trust.